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Tuesday June 14th 2022 Morning Stock Newsletter

🌟🌟 Goooooood morning Team and Happy Tuesday 🌟🌟

Welcome back to the BEST Trading Community in the WORLD 😎 I hope you all had an awesome evening and that you are ready to rock and roll on this beautiful Tuesday!

Yesterday was a pretty choppy day in the market as traders are sitting on the sidelines waiting for PPI data which is released today at 8:30AM EST.

PPI data is expected to be bad and if it is, expect to see this weakness continue today with another leg lower. If data is in-line or slightly under expectations, look for a short term rally back over $380 today. Remember, we also have the FED meeting today and tomorrow with rumors of a 75 basis point rate hike coming up! With that being said, trade smart and trade safe.

Get 🔥 FIRED 🔥up team because we are hitting it hard today.

Live Stream is now up and Live Trade Commentary will begin at 8:50AM. 🚀 👏 📈 🔥

Yesterdays trader of the day – AZJayDub with a $347+ verified profit!


FOMC Meeting: Two-day meeting, June 14-15

May 2022 PPI data are scheduled to be released on June 14, 2022

Recession fears: Stock futures slide as yield curve inverts (When the yield curve is inverted, it indicates a view among investors that there is greater risk to the economy in the short run, encouraging central banks to eventually lower interest rates to combat recession. In some cases, an inversion can be a helpful signal that a recession is on its way)

Stock futures rebound, but traders remain wary as S&P 500 drops into bear market

Tesla could take a big loss on its Bitcoin bets

$KAVL – Kaival Brands Reaches Agreement with Philip Morris International for International Electronic Nicotine Delivery System Product Distribution

$SLNO – Soleno Therapeutics Presents Long Term Data for DCCR Showing Metabolic and Body Composition Improvements in Patients with PWS

$ORCL – MW Oracle stock jumps 15% on strong cloud revenue

$AERC – *MW AeroClean downgraded to hold from speculative buy at Benchmark

My top stocks for the day

My expectations today: PPI is expected to be bad and the market has priced that in. If PPI comes in at or slightly under expectations, look for a short term bounce back up to $380+. If PPI data comes out and its worse than expectations, look for this weakness to continue ahead of tomorrows FOMC meeting conclusion. I still believe the $SPY will come down to $364 before we even start talking possible “market bottom” (PS: I do think we could even see $352 this summer before the possible bottom)

$KAVL is the BEST looking stock as this time (7AM). We have good news, low float, 2x volume with a massive daily gap fill up at $4.45. We are looking for this stock to break $3.14 to start working to possibly fill the gap up at $4.45. You do have some resistance at $3.50 and $4.00 before getting to $4.45



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