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MONEY Thursday August 4th 2022 Morning Stock Newsletter

🌟Goooooooood morning Team and Happy Money Thursday🌟

WELCOME BACK to the WORLD’S BEST Trading Chatroom! I hope you all had a wonderful evening and that you are ready for today’s trading session. 

Live Stream is now up and Live Trade Commentary will begin at 9:00 AM.  🚀👏📈 🔥

Get 🔥 FIRED 🔥up team because we are hitting it hard today.


Nasdaq, S&P, and Dow futures push higher and the yield curve inverts further

$NNVC NanoViricides Reports That It Has Begun Drug Development to Combat Monkeypox Virus

$BRSH Brüush Announces Pricing of Initial Public Offering

$MF MF Investors Have Opportunity to Lead Missfresh Limited Securities Fraud Lawsuit

My top stocks for the day

$MTC is on HIGH ALERT for the Mid Candle Breakout team. We are looking for a break back above $5.10 and is where I expect to see buyers step back into this play. We have room to $5.65, $6.82 then $7.87 today. Bottom support at this time is back down at $3.78

$AAPL is looking like it is set for another day of continuation to the upside (depending on how the overall market moves) We would like to see a break over $166.64 for our next leg up to $171.15

We are looking for $AMZN to break over $140.77 today. If we can our next main level of resistance is the 200SMA at $146.20

$SENS is a back burner sleep play for me today. Does not have the hype and attention at the moment but I do believe we could see some action as this stock has 20% of its float currently short and had a decent day yesterday. We are also trading above our 200SMA at this time

$BABA is also on HIGH WATCH today as we posted strong sales. Support is back down at $98.15 at this time. I may be looking for an entry off this level for a trade back to $100 then $102


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