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Money Thursday August 18th 2022 Morning Stock Newsletter

🌟Goooooooood morning Team and Happy Money Thursday🌟 

WELCOME BACK to the WORLD’S BEST Trading Chatroom! I hope you all had a wonderful evening and that you are ready for today’s trading session. 

We saw some great action in the overall market yesterday. Small Caps are still on FIRE and large cap plays were working for us fantastically as well. I am excited to see what the market has in store for us today and cannot wait to lock in some big profits with the team. Let’s make this MONEY THURSDAY the best Money Thursday ever!!!!

Live Stream is now up and Live Trade Commentary will begin at 9:00 AM. 🚀 👏 📈 🔥



Yesterdays Top Gainers $BWV $HIL $EAR $PETZ $SAVA $LSF


S&P, Nasdaq, Dow futures edge higher after selloff

$CSCO – Cisco rises as analysts praise outlook for 2023, supply chain execution

$KSS – Kohl’s Non-GAAP EPS of $1.11 misses by $0.01, revenue of $4.09B beats by $180M

$WOLF – Wolfspeed shares are trading higher after the company reported better-than-expected Q4 EPS and sales results.

$BRSH Form 6-K Filing from yesterday

$MNMD – News from Tuesday – –HC Wainwright Adjusts Mind Medicine’s Price Target to $5 From $10, Maintains Buy Rating

$CDAK is up 35% here in pre-market on no news or filings. This stock does have 7% short interest and is 15M in float.

$NVTA – Piper Sandler Maintains Underweight on Invitae, Lowers Price Target to $2.25

$FRZA – Forza X1 And OneWater Marine and Announce Strategic Partnership.

$PSTV (Cancer Related News) Plus Therapeutics Receives $17.6 Million Grant From Texas to Fund Continued Development of Rhenium-186 NanoLiposome

$BLUE – FDA approves bluebird bio’s Zynteglo gene therapy for beta thalassemia.

$CRIS – FDA Lifts Partial Clinical Hold on the TakeAim Lymphoma Study of Emavusertib

My top stocks for the day

$BBIG is another “meme” short squeeze stock that has some attention once again here in pre-market. This was one of yesterdays top trades for the DT break up to $1.65 and we saw traders absolutely CRUSH it on that trade. This stock will be on HIGH WATCH once again today as it fits right in with some of our other BIG movers. $BBIG has an 18% short interest which is about 36M shares short on this 220M in float stock. We do have very strong resistance at $1.90 (Daily Gap Fill) so we may see it struggle today. IF we ever see buyers push this over $1.90 and $2.00, we can really start to see this stock take on off. We could see this stock up between $2.20-$2.28 then possibly the 200SMA and Daily Gap fill up at $2.72

$BBBY is still the #1 stock that has the most of the attention in the market. This stock is still heavily shorted and is the top trending stock on social media. As long as traders are talking about $BBBY , they are looking to trade $BBBY . We want to keep this on HIGH WATCH once again for today. We are looking for a break back above $20.65 before we really see buyers start to step back in. If we can break back over $20.65 we have room to run to $22.50, $23.08 then $30. Bottom support at this time is back down at $17.05

$BLUE – FDA approves bluebird bio’s Zynteglo gene therapy for beta thalassemia. This stock is fitting right in with some of our BIG TIME runners. 69M in float with 22% short interest. We want to keep this stock on HIGH WATCH especially if we break over $8.18. If we do break over $8.18 we have potential to see our next big spike to $8.75 then $9.81

$FRZA – This was last Fridays IPO that absolutely tanked and has not done too much since. If we can see this stock break above $8.25 and $8.44, we have potential to see some action today. Our next level of resistance would be $10.00 then $10.60

$FUBO will be on watch for the possible MCB. We are currently trading above $5.35 which is a great first sign we can see this MCB play on out. As long as we are holding $5.35 as support we have room to $6.35 then $6.83

We have a great GAP FILL opportunity on $CRIS . We just broke $1.32 resistance and can now see it hold as support. If we do hold as support we have room to $1.69 then $2.28 to fill the daily gap. 87M in float


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