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Money Thursday April 12th 2023 Morning Stock Newsletter


Kamal with an AMAZING recovery. Down over $7,000 at one point to make $3,457.65 in verified profits! Way to stay strong and disciplined. Keep up the amazing work!!!

🌟Good morning Team and Happy Money Thursday!🌟

I hope you all had a wonderful evening and are ready for today’s trading session. As we get ready for the trading day ahead, I want to express my gratitude and say thank you for being part of this amazing trading community. This community would not be what it is if it wasn’t for each and everyone of you! Your passion, dedication, and commitment to excellence inspires me every day to show up and give you my best. As always, remember that quality trades are the key 🔑 to success in the market. It is important to stay focused and disciplined 🧠 and let the best of the best trades come to us! So let’s all approach today’s trading session with a positive attitude and a commitment to taking only quality trades 💪

Live Stream is now up and Live Trade Commentary will begin at 8:30AM. 👏 👏 👏

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Josh Howerton


Stock futures rise as investors mull over recession risk

FOMC minutes from yesterday: Fed expects banking crisis to cause a recession this year

Yesterdays Top Gainers $IDIA $GFAI $TESS $CYTO $BFRG $GCTK

$GCTK – MW GlucoTrack stock sinks 38.5% premarket after public share offering announced late Wednesday

$KSCP – NYPD Signs Contract with Knightscope

4/11/23 news – $ACIU – AC Immune Granted U.S. Patent #11623931: Bicyclic Compounds For Diagnosis And Therapy

$DAL – Delta Air Lines posts quarterly loss but forecasts profit as peak travel season approaches

$BBAI – stock dips on offering of 113.25M shares by holders

$CXAI – SC13G Filing on the 6th –

Personal Game Plans

$TSLA – Short today below $179.92 down to $176.06. If we hold $179.92 long to $184.84.

$NVDA – Short today below $263.75 down to $258.47. However, if we hold above $263.75 today, I would look for a bounce and take this long to $269.02

As long as $BFRG can hold $5.00-$5.35 today, I will be looking to take this long to $6.38 then $6.81, $7.45, $8.75 then $9.32

We are looking for a break over $3.10 on $FRGT to get long. We have room to spike on up to $5.00. HIGH WATCH as we are starting to move out of this daily MA squeeze formation.

$SPY game plan for today! We are coming into a KEY level of support $406. This is our daily uptrend and last weeks lows. We we hold this level, I will look to play this LONG back up to $409.36 FIRST. However, if we crack the uptrend and $406, we will look to take this SHORT (min 45 days out) down to our daily gap fill level and 200SMA at $396.50

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Another BIG day for the market team. We have PPI data being released at 8:30AM