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MONEY MONDAY February 6th 2023 Morning Stock Newsletter


 Goooood Morning Traders and Happy Money Monday  Today marks the start of a brand new day and a brand new week full of brand new opportunities in the market  I am excited to work with each and everyone of you and I cannot wait to see what the market has in store for us! Today is going to be an amazing day team and I am excited to crush it with you!!!!! Live Stream is now up and Live Trade Commentary will begin at 9:00AM.   


Stock futures slide to start week with more earnings and a Powell speech ahead

$FFIE – Faraday Future Intelligent Electric Secures $135 Million in Notes Financing to Start Production of the FF 91 Futurist

Personal Game Plans

$MSFT I absolutely LOVE trading the daily gap fill bounce strategy when we have one. Would you look at that, MSFT may be giving us one today. The close before the gap up was $252.78 which is the lowest we want to see this go to confirm a daily gap fill bounce. I will also be watching $MSFT down at the 200SMA ($254.11) because that may also be an area we see a bounce. This all comes down to price action at these levels of KEY support. If we see good price action, I will be looking to play this LONG off these 2 levels of support for a quick bounce to scalp this. I will make sure I am positioned correctly to hold a runner on this stock as we could see this bounce follow through and we push back to $257 resistance

$AAPL was an absolute MONSTER on Friday. We ran from $148 all the way to $157.38, the largest single day we have seen since October. We very well could see some of that volume and momentum bleed into todays trading session. If we can see $APPL holding above $151 support today, I would like to play this LONG back to 154 then Fridays HOD at $157.38

$AMZN is slowly fading on back down into some KEY support levels on the daily time frame. We have the 20EMA at 98.65, prior resistance (now support) at 99.17 and psychological support at 100.00. I would like to see $AMZN come down into these levels of support and start to develop for a potential reversal. If we see $AMZN holing these levels of support and we see development that confirms a reversal, I would like to play this long back to $102.53 then $105

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