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HUMP DAYYYY May 18th 2022 Morning Stock Newsletter

🌟Gooood Morning Team 🌟 It’s Humpppp Dayyyyy 🐪 and I am ready for another exciting day of trading!

I hope everyone had a great night and that you are ready for a great day ahead.

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Chat is open 24/7 so drop by anytime if you need any help or just want say hello. We will always be here to help!😎

Get 🔥 FIRED 🔥up team because we are hitting it hard today.

Yesterdays trader of the day – Stir with a $300+ profit


$NCMI – BZ: National CineMedia 13G Filing From AMC Entertainment Shows New 6.8% Stake In Co.

$TGT – Target shares sink more than 20% after company says high costs, inventory woes hit profits

$DTIL – Precision BioSciences Announces Publication in Molecular Therapy of ARCUS® In Vivo Gene Editing as a Promising Therapeutic Approach to Cure Chronic Hepatitis B Infection

$BRQS – ‘Borqs Technologies Wins Solar Plus Energy Storage Contract in Oahu, Hawaii’ -EIN

My top stocks for the day

$VERU on HIGH WATCH here in pre-market. We have support back down at $15.75 with top resistance at $17.20 then $17.50. If we start breaking $17.50 we have room to $18.42, $19.92-20.00 and $21.67

$AMC (National CineMedia 13G Filing From AMC Entertainment Shows New 6.8% Stake In Co.) this PR could being in some hype as retail traders get excited when meme stocks move. We have support back down at $12.52 with $13.47 resistance. Over $13.47 and we can see $14.00

$AGRI – Possible MCB for today. A break over $2.80 is where volume will start to move in. We have room back to $3.00-3.05 then $3.60. Current support is right off the multi-day trendline. If we crack the trendline look for a dump back down to $2.25

$RIVN could be setting up for one of my GO TO shorts. We are filling the daily gap up around $28.74 which is right at the 20EMA as well. I will be looking for a rejection off of these 2 levels followed by a crack of the daily trendline. If we see any divergence I will 100% take this trade FULL SIZE as it is my #1 strategy. We have room to fall back down to $24.87

The $SPY has room back down to $403.08. This is an inverse head and shoulders formation (bullish chart formations) We broke the neckline resistance yesterday in pre-market ($403.08) and are now pulling back for the possible retest (old resistance turns new support) If we hold above $403.08 we would think LONG as that would be a healthy and textbook retest for the next leg up into the $410-$411 area



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