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Friday March 18th 2022 Morning Stock Newsletter

🌟 Good morning Team and Happy Friday 🌟

I hope everyone had a FANTASTIC evening and that you are all ready for another great day ahead!!! 👏

Remember to ALWAYS trade smart and lock in profits when you have them! Fridays are the toughest trading days of the week due to the lack of news and volume in the market. BE SMART AND TRADE SAFE, especially on Fridays.

Live Stream is now up and Live Trade Commentary will begin at 9:00AM. 🔥🔥🔥

Let’s get ready to rock and roll team! WOOOOOOOO!!!!!


This week is Triple Witching which can bring in more volume and volatility (On the third Friday of every third month, multiple derivatives products expire, giving rise to greater than normal trading volumes. It’s commonly called “triple witching” day) 

St. Louis Fed’s Bullard says the central bank should raise rates above 3% this year

My top stocks for the day

$EIGR is still on HIGH WATCH today over $8.30. We have potential to get to $8.75 then $9.00. Current support is $7.50-7.60

Shout out to @PlacidPuppy for bringing $SKYH to our attention for the possible Mid Candle Breakout today. This is a very low volume stock but it does move. Wednesday alone we saw this stock run from $25 to $33.16. We want to see price above $28.57 before making entries. We have room to $30.45, $31.22 then $33.16+

/CL is back up to $100/barrel. We need to be watching small cap oil stocks if oil does indeed break back over $100 and has a run up. Top small cap oil stocks to keep on watch $INDO $IMPP $CEI $HUSA



Earnings this Week